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Are you feeling a little defeated?

Let’s not sugar-coat things, times are tough.

The reality is that some businesses will fail, others will survive, but some will THRIVE. Ask yourself, “What am I doing to shift my business’ value proposition during COVID-19 and beyond?” In this short article I explore this a little further. You may get some good ideas.

Next weekend I was supposed to be in Mexico celebrating my 50th birthday with loved ones. Now what? If five decades on this planet has taught me anything, it’s things change, and that’s just part of life. Usually not so fast and furious, but you still have to roll with the punches.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve been watching and learning. I’ve been fascinated by businesses that have shifted their value proposition and are thriving in this environment. I’ve also been trying to support small and medium-sized businesses by using their services wherever feasible. My favourite restaurant is closed, my loved ones are spread out in different homes, and ordering take-out doesn’t have the same cache for a milestone birthday.

Fortunately, Chef Manny, who usually caters in your home–and even cleans up afterwards–has shifted his business. He can still bring the fine-dining experience right to your doorstep (literally), satisfying your culinary desires. On my birthday, my family will be in different homes, but we will share the same delicious food, chat online, and raise a glass to better times ahead. Did I mention that we get to drink our own wine? If you’re located in the GTA and want to find out more about Chef Manny, visit, or even private message me directly. I’ve used his services many times before and am always a very satisfied client.

On another note, are you looking for ways to communicate your new value proposition? If so, check out, which is another small business who is adapting to these challenging times. Twenty20 is operated by my daughter and her business partner, and they know that during difficult times, it’s even more important to stay in front of your clients. Twenty20 can help you with affordable customized memes, slide advertisements, or even engaging video using your own smartphone video clips, sliced-and-diced into a polished finished product.

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