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… Pick the Low hanging Fruit!

But first, an analogy. If you were in an apple orchard and feeling a little bit hungry, would you pick an apple on a low branch? Would you climb all the way to the top of the tree and pursuit the hardest to reach apple? Well, same apple tree, same nutritional value. Right? Makes sense to grab the easy one and the same logic applies to studying. Unless your goal is to score perfectly on the exam, which to be honest is highly unlikely, you need to allocate your study time wisely and study smart. Every question, no matter how hard or easy, is worth the exact same, one mark. Universal life insurance itself is a difficult product to fully comprehend and getting a handle on taxation at UL can be even more challenging. When it comes to the anti-dumping rule, I think of it as an apple near the top of the tree. It may represent a mark, but it is a much harder mark to earn.

Personally …