How Hard is the LLQP?

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Hi everyone, Fatema Nazarali here from the IFSE Institute. As sales director, I’m often asked by students, “How hard is the LLQP, and more specifically, why are the exams so hard?” Fortunately, our students enjoy an exceptionally high pass rate at the professional licensing exams. To help guide your studies, I’ve asked SeeWhy Learning to offer their insight. I’m sure you’ll find it helpful.

Why is the LLQP exam so hard? Well, for many questions, there may be more than one right answer, and your ideal answer may not be there. Now, I’m not suggesting the exam is unfair. Quite the opposite. You just need to know your stuff and write a smart exam. The LLQP exam is application-based, and those types of questions often require a different approach to tackling them. Insurance is all about solving client problems or concerns, such as, “What if I die prematurely,” or “What if I become disabled?” With such a wide range of insurance products available in the marketplace, there is often more than one solution to those problems. And after doing a thorough needs analysis with a client, two competent insurance advisors could come up with somewhat different recommendations. And they could both still be right.

So, what do you do if your ideal answer just isn’t there? Let’s look at some non-insurance questions and I’ll give you some tips. When it comes to multiple choice exams, there are generally two types of questions, being general knowledge and application-based. With a general knowledge question, there’s usually one clear cut answer. For example, two plus two is four, and I’m sure you all had the same answer. Or if I asked you what color is a stop sign, you’re all thinking red.

Now, let’s look at an application-based question, testing your knowledge on modes of transportation. I’m trying to keep this video light. Peter needs to get to work and his car won’t start due to a dead battery. In other words, Peter has a transportation problem. And much like insurance problems, there are several different potential solutions to his problem. He can ask a neighbor for a boost, call a taxi, order an Uber, ride his bike. You get the idea. Your answer may be to call an Uber, because you think that is the best solution, but it may not be one of the available answers.

Now, when it comes to the LLQP exam, the questions will obviously be much more challenging. The scenarios will be longer, and the answers could include a combination of policies with different policy riders attached. And if your ideal answer isn’t there, the answer may not, and I’m going to suggest probably won’t, jump out at you. This is especially true if you’re still distracted by your ideal answer. So, what now? Well, the best approach is to poke holes. In other words, disprove, or eliminate, three of the answer choices and pick the one left standing, the one you can live with. No pun intended. When it comes to the LLQP, you’re likely going to need to do this a fair bit.

Now, here is the good news. Tackling these types of questions is a skill that can be developed with practice. As you work through our exam preparation questions, paying special attention to the detailed answer keys, you will learn from your mistakes and be in a good position to pass on exam day. You’ll also get all sorts of helpful tips along the way. Oh, and one more thing. If your subscription includes the LLQP videos, be sure to check out the coaches’ hangout series where you’ll get lots of helpful tips and even see a trainer tackle challenging practice exam questions. For instance, in one of the coaches’ hangout videos called Reducing Disability Insurance Premiums, one of my colleagues does a fantastic job of demonstrating this process. Be sure to check it out.

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