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It’s time to get serious. Failing to meet your continuing education requirements can cost your designation, or even worse, your license.

Have you ever found yourself with a C.E. deadline breathing down your neck? You’re not alone. Even some of the most successful advisors have found themselves in this very situation.

Here at SeeWhy Learning, we surveyed our students and found out that for many, it isn’t the actual learning that bogs them down, it’s the process itself. In other words, what qualifies for C.E., and where do I go if I need more? You can keep track of all the events you attended throughout the year, and any credits associated with those events, and top-up those credits with other seminars or courses to meet your CE requirements. But, it’s this daunting process which causes advisors to think “I’ll get to that another day”, and before they know it, their CE deadline is upon them.

Well, I have some exciting news. SeeWhy Learning has partnered with C’Life and is offering you a simpler way.

To use an analogy, if you want to buy a lottery ticket, you could walk into the convenience store, and take the time to complete a form, personally handpicking each number yourself. OR, you can simply say, “give me a quick pick” and be out the door a moment later with your ticket in hand. Some students want to get their CE courses this way to, so they can get cracking on it right away.

Now of course, there is an option where you can hand select and customize your own CE package. But if you want to get your hands on APPROVED CE courses fast, one of our “quick pick options” may be perfect for you.

Each year, our Academic Director, Jason Knell, is going to handpick and package together a selection of courses that qualify for various credentials, including those that you see here. Or you can go with our Grand Slam package that covers them all.

Oh, and I saved what may be the best news for last. Whether you choose to customize a selection of courses or go with our quick pick options, you’re going to get it at a great price, because we’ve negotiated a 20% discount on your behalf.

Now, go to SeeWhyCE.ca and get cracking on your CE!

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