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Hi everybody. My name is Marina and I produced the video lessons here at SeeWhy Learning. Here is your chance to star in an upcoming YouTube video and win a $250 price package from SeeWhy Learning in the video. One of our study coaches will say, “and I know what lots of you are thinking”. Here’s your line, “Recommend an asset mix? How? I’m still studying. I’ve never even had a client!”

Now here’s your guidance from me. The clip must be 12 seconds or less. Feel free to adjust the wording. It’s a spirit of the message that matters. Be creative, serious, funny, nervous, or whatever you like. Just keep it tasteful and entertaining.

Entries must be received by October 15th. Please send your video using email in the description below. Our study coaches will review all submissions and select their favorite one as a winner. So be sure to send us your best.

Send your entry to [email protected] by October 15th

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